Organization Type: Education & Schools
Address: Surrey, British Columbia V3S1S1
Contact: Cindy Dalglish
Website: https://equitableaccesstoeducation.wordpress.com/

BCEdAccess Society is an entirely volunteer-run organization serving families of students with disabilities and complex learners all over the province of British Columbia. Our parent support group has over 1600 members and stories shared on our private discussion board daily illustrate the depth of the challenges families face in pursuing equitable access to education in BC schools.

Our History:

BCEdAccess began when a small group of parents gathered together in a Facebook group around the end of 2014. Tracy Humphreys set up this group because although she was able to find many great organizations of parents working together to support specific disabilities, there was none that gathered all of the parents together to discuss the issues that all of these groups have in common in trying to access education for their children. The group was fortunate to have some very strong and long-term parent advocates join as founding members, setting the tone and direction of the organization that has continued to today.

What we do:

On November 21, 2018, seeing that the need for this group is ongoing, we incorporated the BCEdAccess Society. Our Constitution and Purpose states:

“We champion and support children and youth who have disabilities and who are complex learners to reach their full potential in BC education, and in all aspects of their lives.
This is achieved through supporting families, sharing information, providing education to families, allies, professionals and students, providing community engagement and awareness, and other activities to promote equitable access to education and inclusion for all.”

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Tech Support for non-profit conference March 29/30

Organization: BCEdAccess
Category: Computers / Technology / IT
Description: We are looking for a few technology students or those with experience looking to build their portfolio to provide for tech support in running the conference workshops using Zoom room, and …Read More
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