Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST)

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Address: 305 – 268 Keefer Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 1X5

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BEST, or Better Environmentally Sound Transportation, is a non-profit organization that has been promoting sustainable transportation since 1991. Our vision: Through sustainable transportation, we build vibrant, inclusive communities. Our mission: To activate better transportation options through initiatives, collaboration and leadership.
BEST’s current programs include The Bicycle Valet, a social enterprise that provides free and secure bicycle parking, primarily at events throughout Metro Vancouver all year long. The Bicycle Valet relies on a large passionate team of staff, volunteers, and summer students who help foster sustainable transportation options in local communities.
Living Streets is BEST’s walking and pedestrian focused program. We work with Neighbourhood Houses and municipalities in BC to organize year-long walking events and opportunities for all ages. One of these events is Walk30: a 5 week fun competition in the spring focused on walking for health, supported by health authorities, municipalities, schools and other workplaces.
Since 2010, BEST has run programs focused on improving and increasing transportation options for seniors. Currently, the focus is on a three year systems change project (Seniors on the Move) across BC, as well as delivering workshops to skill up seniors exploring transportation options beyond driving alongside United Way BC.

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Organization: Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST)
Category: Driving / Transportation
Description: The Bicycle Valet provides professional, secure, coat-check style bicycle parking in and around Metro Vancouver. Since 2006, this social enterprise of Better Environmentally Sound …Read More
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305 – 268 Keefer Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 1X5

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