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Biosphere Eco-Cities Canada (BECC) is a national, non-profit network that works to connect all Biosphere Eco-Cities across Canada. A Biosphere Eco-City (BEC) is an urban area and surrounding countryside where cooperation and collaboration ensure that everyone’s actions can contribute to sustainability; ultimately fostering a culture of sustainability. Currently, there are five BEC initiatives across Canada; Ottawa (OBEC), Toronto (TBEC), Brampton (BBEC), Edmonton (EBEC), and Vancouver (VBEC). BECC provides support and acts as a resource and tool for collaboration among BECs while also implementing national sustainability projects.

BECs use 10 Themes of Sustainability (transportation, energy, design, habitat, food, natural capital, waste, health, recreation, and sense of place) and 5 Tools of Engagement (Database of Projects, Sustainability Plans, Workshops on Individual Themes, Demonstration Projects, and Council of Stakeholders) to create a culture of sustainability through community engagement, cooperation, innovation and sharing of knowledge, skills and information for sustainability.

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Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness.
Rabbi Harold Kushner

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