Louis Brier Home & Hospital

Organization Type: Health & Medical
Address: 1055 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6M 1W9
Contact: Julie Cameron
Phone: 6042674736
Website: http://louisbrier.com/

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Louis Brier Home & Hospital is a public long-term care facility serving Vancouver’s Jewish community and funded by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.  The Louis Brier Home & Hospital offers three levels of residency: extended care, intermediate care and specific support for residents with dementia and other special care needs.

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Growth of the soul is our goal, and there are many ways to encourage that growth, such as through love, nature, healing our wounds, forgiveness, and service. The soul grows well when giving and receiving love. I nourish my soul daily by loving others and being vulnerable to their love. Love is, after all, a verb, an action word, not a noun.
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

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1055 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6M 1W9

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