Rabbitats Rescue Society

Organization Type: Animals & Environment
Address: Richmond, British Columbia
Website: https://rabbitats.org/

Rabbitats is a volunteer-run organization that survives off the donations of wonderful people like you. Every cent we receive goes towards rescuing feral and abandoned rabbits: paying for veterinary care, finding good homes, and building sanctuaries.

Large numbers of abandoned domestic rabbits can be safely, securely and happily housed in indoor or outdoor ‘rabbitats’ built in conjunction with animal shelters, pet rescues, institutions, ‘green’ businesses or on private land under the care of responsible citizens.

Cities contend with abandoned pets and their feral offspring while rural areas deal with unscrupulous breeders who routinely release their unwanted stock. The non-native domestic rabbits soon become a problem for municipalities, businesses and neighbourhoods forced to deal with environmentally destructive natural behaviour like chewing and burrowing.

It’s a tragedy for the loose bunnies as they will most likely be killed by predators, parasites, sport hunters or trappers hired for ‘pest control’.

Rabbitats can help build affordable colony housing for sterilized rabbits and educate new rabbit guardians on low maintenance and sustainable care. Controlled rabbit populations can replace feral colonies.

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Rabbitats Rescue Society’s Volunteer Opportunities

Construction, cleaning, bunny care, and recycling volunteers needed

Organization: Rabbitats Rescue Society
Category: Animal Care
Description: Rabbitats is a rabbit rescue trying to help all the abandoned bunnies, especially in Richmond. We are building a sanctuary and need all the help we can get. We can have work parties almost …Read More
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