United We Can

Organization Type: Other Nonprofit
Address: 449 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 2P3
Contact: Bing Smith
Phone: 6043299307
Website: http://www.unitedwecan.ca

United We Can is a registered non profit organization formed 26 years ago to help individuals on the Downtown Eastside with employment opportunities and also a depot location where the binner community can safely bring their refundable beverage containers to and receive  a full refund on each container .

United We Can’s Volunteer Opportunities

United We Can Coffee Host

Organization: United We Can
Category: Social and Community Service
Description: Due to the COVID Pandamic we were forced to discontinue or our daily  free coffee service for our customers who work in the Downtown Eastside and collect refundable beverage container sand …Read More
The unfortunate need people who will be kind to them; the prosperous need people to be kind to.

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449 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 2P3

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