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Address: 211-4883 Maclure Mews Vancouver, BC V6J5M8, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 5M8

Visionary 21 is a non-profit organization founded by Harrison Lee and Alex Lee in April, 2014 because of their realization that Down syndrome is a pressing issue in society that isn’t dealt with adequately. Comprised of teenagers stationed in Vancouver, BC, we are growing everyday. Everything we have raised has been and will be processed and distributed quickly through partner organizations who currently have more influence than us. Nevertheless, it will not be long until we get to the point where we want to be: having our own influence over whom we strive to help and support.

Visionary 21 chose to help those with Down syndrome in particular because it not only affects an individual’s intelligence, but also presents a grim hazard on health. As human beings, we wanted to become contributors of the world and act early in our adolescence to truly experience reality. Most importantly, our team empathizes for those with Down syndrome. By helping us reach our goal, you are indirectly assisting individuals with Down syndrome acquire privileges. As mentioned, all of our proceedings will go to research and assistant, thus opening many paths in helping and understanding those with Down syndrome. Help them reach for the stars!

Our current objective is to spread the word and also to increase in size. We need as many contributors and volunteers as possible to strengthen our objective. Furthermore, we have toiled in the community with fundraisers and we have also physically helped those with Down syndrome. One of our ultimate goals would be to raise enough money to rent out an office space and, in the future, to start a company that employs individuals with and without Down syndrome. We would love to provide work opportunities. Therefore, we ask for your utmost support, to motivate us to continue on our project!

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211-4883 Maclure Mews Vancouver, BC V6J5M8, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 5M8

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