Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society

Organization Type: Social & Community Services
Address: PO Box 45618 Sunnyside Mall, Surrey, British Columbia V4A 9N3
Contact: Mac Petrie
Website: http://www.volunteercancerdrivers.ca

A Ride To Care For Cancer Patients

The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society is a not-for-profit organization providing complimentary transportation for lower mainland residents battling cancer.

When you are in need of transportation to care we are here to support you with safe, timely and efficient service. We are a registered charity and work to raise the funds necessary to meet expenses associated with meeting cancer patient needs.

Our team of volunteer drivers and dispatchers offers peace of mind for patients who may not have the means to drive to and from essential cancer treatments and medical appointments. The physical, emotional and financial burden is lifted knowing our friendly volunteers are only a call away.

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PO Box 45618 Sunnyside Mall, Surrey, British Columbia V4A 9N3

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