Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) (Bicycle Valet Volunteer)

Organization Name: Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST)
Opportunity Title: Bicycle Valet Volunteer
Category: Driving / Transportation
Commitment: Less than 6 months
Start Date: April 20, 2022
End Date: April 30, 2099

  • Appropriate for youth (i.e., less than 18)
  • Appropriate for volunteers aged between 18 and 55
  • Appropriate for volunteers aged 55 and over
  • Family-oriented volunteering
  • Training or orientation required
Opportunity Description:

The Bicycle Valet provides professional, secure, coat-check style bicycle parking in and around Metro Vancouver. Since 2006, this social enterprise of Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST), has parked 250,000 bikes. BEST is a non profit charity based in Vancouver. Will you be a part of this phenomenal program? 

Benefits to Volunteering with the Bicycle Valet:

  • There’s no regular time commitment necessary. Commitment is scary. We get it. Sign up online for a shift that works for you.
  • Free entrance to the event you’re volunteering at, including Vancouver Whitecaps and BC Lions games!
  • You can feel good taking concrete action supporting the environment and active transportation.  People love our service and are really appreciative!
  • Connect with the community, meet new people and have fun outdoors!
  • ALSO, we have really awesome, legendary volunteer parties!

How The Bicycle Valet works and what to expect:

Volunteers will be given instructions beforehand about where to meet and set up. People will ride their bikes, scooters, skateboards etc., to the Valet; volunteers and staff will take care of their bikes while they’re at the event – just like a coat-check. More on site training will be provided and staff are always present and friendly. 

Why The Bicycle Valet is Amazing

  • It increases accessibility and removes barriers to sustainable transportation by providing security for bikes (and accessories). More people will ride knowing they have a safe place to park, and more people will attend an event that is so easy to get to.
  • Creates peace-of-mind for attendees. Individuals worrying about the safety of their ride will be more inclined to leave an event early and will be less engaged.
  • Reduces congestion. Driving to an event can be frustrating, parking is expensive, and shuttles or public transportation overcrowded. 
  • It’s Environmentally friendly! No greenwashing here! Transportation is a significant piece of an event’s carbon footprint. The Bicycle Valet enables attendees to choose an efficient, zero-carbon trip method. 

This amazing program is powered by volunteers and we would love to have you join our team! Shifts are typically 4 hours long and require some physical labour. However, we support an inclusive and diverse environment and have flexible positions available for most. If you’re ready to get started visit and fill out the form, or email Hope to hear from you soon!

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