Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver (BBGV)

Organization Type: Other Nonprofit
Address: Vancouver, British Columbia

Our vision is:
All children and youth are empowered to reach their full potential through mentorship.

Our mission is:
Enable impactful mentoring relationships where children and youth can discover their power and potential, in collaboration with our local communities. There is also a renewed focus on the fact that supporting children and youth is very much a community-based and collaborative effort.
The mission reflects the holistic nature of child and youth development and expresses the essential need for mentorship in the formative years.

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Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver (BBGV)’s Volunteer Opportunities

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I was raised to volunteer: nursing homes, clinics, church nurseries, school, everywhere that could use help. It’s such an intrinsic part of me, to use my life to help improve the quality of others.
Debby Ryan

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Vancouver, British Columbia

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