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Organization Type: Education & Schools
Address: 5325 West Boulevard, Vancouver, British Columbia V6M 3W4

EDU Beyond is a non-profit online tutoring initiative with the goal of minimizing educational disparity for K-12 students through an internationally connected network of learners.

We believe that education has become an increasingly pressing matter, especially considering the limiting effects of COVID-19 on student-tutor interactions. Students who have had past difficulties in a regular school setting may face even harsher setbacks due to the quarantine environment.

With that in mind, we at EDU Beyond saw the need to create an accessible, free, and more personalized platform for students to voice their academic concerns, providing learners with an easy way to supplement the presently rigid online school system while giving tutors volunteering opportunities to give back to their younger peers.

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5325 West Boulevard, Vancouver, British Columbia V6M 3W4

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