Rook Music and Performing Arts Society

Organization Type: Arts, Culture & Heritage
Address: Vancouver, British Columbia

VanCity Rook Society (Rook Music & Performing Arts Society) is dedicated to bringing music and performing arts in the form of workshops, technical practice, competitive performances and innovative programs and technological advancements. Our goal is to provide access to music and performing arts for all segments of the population in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. That includes participation with vulnerable children, youth and young adults mostly ignored due to cultural, medical or economic barriers. VanCity Rook believes in allowing all individuals from the above identified groups to achieve their full potential in music, art and technical design and choreography.

Our programs will be designed to allow the societies program members to experience growth at their own pace and technical level. Our programs will allow each individual to maximize their ability and to showcase it through the societies knowledgeable and experienced staff, volunteers and instructors. All program members will be able to showcase their achievements either individually, or through team or group effort. VanCity Rook and its  programs are committed to providing not-for-profit showcase and exhibitions to all communities of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

VanCity Rook will be committed to providing support services to the community through program involvement and event participation. Whether it is technical and exploration of music fundamentals or showcase, clinics and workshop exhibits, the society will take advantage of the opportunity to expand and promote the programs of the society and offer the community mutual benefit with program participation.

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