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Organization Type: Arts, Culture & Heritage
Address: Suite #3401-13618 100 Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia V3T-0A8
Contact: Stella Panagiotidis
Phone: 604-773-7565

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Our Story:

Created in 2006 by Carlie Smith and inspired by the famous art and design markets of Europe, Portobello West’s goal is to introduce Vancouver’s style conscious shoppers to the creative pool of artists and designers working here.

Now operating as a not-for-profit society, Portobello West is governed by a Board of Directors and a Marketing, Communications and Events Manager. Portobello West remains Vancouver’s premiere SHOP LOCAL market. Voted by the Georgia Straight readers as one of the Top 3 Artisan/Craft Fairs from 2010-2018, Portobello West features a high quality selection of carefully crafted goods worth gushing over.

Our Goal:

For over 12-years, Portobello West has sought and presented top-notch emerging and established local talent. Featuring up to 90-local artists and designers at a time, Portobello West’s seasonal markets offers up a curated selection of locally designed fashion, art, home decor, gourmet treats, wine & spirits, and more. Our hope is to foster a sense of support and community for local creatives living and working here.

We endeavor to inspire a legion of shoppers that are committed to purchasing one-of-a kind creations from our exquisite Pacific Northwest roster of artists and designers. An atmosphere of excitement and exploration awaits you during each of our seasonal signature events! We look forward to welcoming you!

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Suite #3401-13618 100 Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia V3T-0A8

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