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Save Life Initiative was conceived out of a desire to establish a stable environment and social issues to aid in the development of the individual and society as a whole. The experiences and exposure of the founder of the save life initiative (Mr Issa Conteh) in his home from Sierra Leone and sojourn in countries like Guinea Senegal, The Gambia and Liberia brought to bear social issues like child abuse, child neglect, segregation of women leadership, women and girls health material mortality and the likes.

Most of the problems confronting us today as a society he realized stem from environmental problems and social problems fallen in mankind’s activities.


v To serve as a conduit of peace and stability to bring back the mission, binding cord in families and other assistance in any other ways


v  To support women through economic, social and political programs; creating opportunities while addressing inequality, strengthening families and communities and building the capacity of the most vulnerable communities for ensuring sustainable use of natural resources, providing eco-friendly means of living to reduce the adverse impact of climate change and improve the socio-economic condition while maintaining the ecological balance


v To see a community where vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls live a positive sustainable life and the children survive is a right.

v To promote environment and ecological balance and create harmony between humans and nature



v To create a safe, enabling and peaceful environment for all

v To reduce morbidity and mortality among vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls



v To collaborate with other bodies or agencies promoting health and the environment

v To raise awareness on STD/HIV&AIDS, promote home/community-based care

v To conduct baseline studies (community diagnoses) to identify health and felt the needs

v To provide basic health education and information training to women, and youth for development, economic growth and poverty alleviation


v Baseline/formative research

v Primary health care maternal newborn child health safe-motherhood, child spacing gender issues)

v Adolescent health development program

v Communicable / non-communicable disease prevention control e.g. STD/HIV & AIDS, malaria, TB, Breast and cervical empowerment programs e.g. training, microfinance, social welfare.

v Environment and conservation programs

v Cleanup programs community

v Health sensitisation programs


The organization is to receive support grants from individuals, NGOs and donors both nationally and internationally to ensure that each program is implemented

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